"Perspectives from Leaders on Palliative Care Treatment and Management", Educational Course, 9-12 October 2022

During the training course, topical issues of a medical nature (pain management, urgent mental states, bedsores) were covered, and complex clinical cases were analysed by 8 lecturers.

The third day of the course was entirely devoted to one of the most important aspects of providing quality palliative care - communication with patients and their family members. Interactive online training was conducted by leading British communication trainers. The communication session included theoretical and practical material (videos, situational scenarios, and discussions).

For the first time, a palliative care organisation constructor with practical recommendations for implementation in the national healthcare system was presented.

We express our gratitude to Association of Medical Translators for supporting our training course and providing four simultaneous interpreters pro bono.

We appreciate volunteers' time dedicated to consulting, Zoom administrating, and video editing.

Thanks so much to the Kazakhstan Association of Palliative Care 'Together Against Cancer' and personally to Gulnara Kunirova.

Thanks to all PACED representatives for being enthusiastic and engaged.