June Digest of News for Palliative Care Specialists

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The pivotal role of nursing staff - why this is important in primary palliative care.

A large study published in the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network reveals the essence of the approach to the long-term care of patients with cancer. Rather than the more common model where the doctor’s role comes first, the researchers suggest that nurses should take the lead.

The researchers suggest that nurses should take the lead rather than the more common model where the doctor’s role comes first.

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Would you like to talk to Cicely Saunders, who created the first modern hospice? Artificial Intelligence makes it possible.

The article “On Palliative Care: A Conversation with Cicely Saunders” is an inspiring read about the importance of palliative care and Cicely Saunders’ influence on this field of medicine.

Cicely Saunders pioneered palliative care as a British nurse, social worker, and doctor. She established the first specialised palliative care centre in London, and her ideas and approaches have been the basis of the development of palliative care worldwide.

Dr. Justin Sanders, one of Canada’s leading palliative care specialists, uses artificial intelligence to “speak” to Cicely, who died in 2005. In the neural network-generated conversation, Saunders explains why every patient is eligible for palliative care, not just those who are dying, and that relieving all types of suffering, not just physical pain is essential.

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The extensive list of international conferences is helpful for palliative care professionals. Planning professional development in 2023 and 2024.

Palliative care professionals’ meetings, especially international conferences, are essential for sharing knowledge and best practices, creating a network of professional links that help to promote research and educational initiatives, and developing professional skills when participating in seminars and advanced education courses.

All Conference Alert is an easy-to-use conference search platform for physicians, nurses, healthcare organisers, non-profit organisations, academics, and educators. The aggregator offers information such as conference title, date, venue, organiser information, conference agenda and research paper submission options.

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A new specialty - the death doula. How does a doula help people prepare for the end of life?

The article “Woman Finds New Career as a “Death Doula”, Helps People Prepare for Death” tells the story of Kacie Gikonyo, a certified nurse who has found a new calling as a “death doula” and helps people on the brink of death. In 2020, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gikonyo saw more patients dying than she had ever seen in her career. This prompted her to turn her attention to helping dying people and turn her passion for caring for others into a goal.

Kacie now helps the terminally ill and older adults who want to prepare for the end of life. The article describes various aspects of Gikonyo’s work, including creating legacy projects, preparing wills, hospice care, and much more.

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A record number of euthanasia cases was recorded in the Netherlands in 2022.

The quality of palliative care and the patient’s choice of euthanasia seems to be linked. We, therefor,e suggest reading the article “A Record Number of Euthanasia Netherlands Deaths in 2022”, which describes the situation of euthanasia in the Netherlands in 2022 and discusses various statistics and developments related to this topic.

For example, 5.1% of all deaths in the Netherlands are euthanasia deaths. Particularly impressive is the increase in euthanasia deaths among dementia patients, with 288 deaths in 2022 compared to 206 in 2021. There has also been an increase in cases of joint euthanasia (death of several partners at the same time) and the number of euthanasia deaths that do not meet the law’s criteria..

Euthanasia is a complex and controversial topic, involving ethical, moral and legal aspects. Therefore, knowing about the current model of providing this service helps to form one’s own professional opinion and participate in the debate on this topic.

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